Tired of working with cumbersome and error-prone spreadsheets when doing your company planning? Need visibility across different departments? Or need to get away from “Excel Hell?” Then look no further than Oracle’s EPM Cloud. Oracle’s EPM Cloud lets companies plan, forecast and model across Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain departments.

Key Benefits

  • Data Agnostic - Allows you to pull data in from multiple sources.
  • Easy-to-Create custom planning and forecasting models.
  • Dashboards. Pre-built planning models, calculations, and reports.
  • Easy to use. Easy to maintain.
  • Scalability to address both operational and finance planning processes.
  • Intuitive business wizards allow you to evolve your planning processes as your business changes.
  • Powerful analytics, dashboards, what-if, and predictive capabilities.
  • No capex infrastructure investments are required in the cloud.
  • Puts control into the hands of the users.

Our Expertise

Elevate your planning with search-driven insights, what-if scenarios, and AI/machine learning.

  • Financial
  • Strategy
  • Workforce
  • Projects
  • Capital
  • Sales

Reduces your financial close time by weeks with automatic consolidation, journals, and a new Journal Entry component.

Enhances accuracy with dynamic workflows, automatic reconciliations, and transaction matching.

Perfect for all kinds of financial reporting. Quarterly, Annual, Ad Hoc and more. Collaborate and enhance the efficiency and clarity of performance reporting.

Govern your data with custom forms, request approval, and mass updates. Supports large dimensions and enables rule-based matching for superior data management.

Let’s you get granular with your costs. Optimize profitability and costs with data entry forms, synchronized reporting databases, and workflow management.

Plan your tax strategy with long-range planning, predictive analytics, and configurable tax reconciliation to navigate the complexities of tax reporting with confidence.

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