Today’s supply chains are complex, with multiple tiers of internal and external nodes. You must plan for a global network of in-house production and distribution facilities, contract manufacturers, drop ship suppliers, and outside services providers. With Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Manufacturing, organizations can respond quickly to changing demand, supply, and market conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Increase on-time order fulfillment.
  • Respond faster to demand changes.
  • Reduce inventory and obsolescence costs.
  • Effectively plan complex configure-to-order, drop ship, and contract manufacturing supply.
  • Reduce the impact of manufacturing and supply disruptions.
  • Invoice Matching

Our Expertise

"Increase global inventory visibility, Reduce costs, inventory levels, and cycle times, Reduce cost of on-time fulfillment using partner capabilities, Gain better insight into product costs and margins, Manage with greater flexibility the trade between internal parties, Optimize the flow of goods with configurable supply orchestration, Improve warehouse efficiency and control cost with consistent fulfillment processes"

Perform comprehensive costing—including indirect labor and overhead costs for precise inventory planning—work in process valuation, and profitability management.

Maximize productivity and efficiency and minimize risk in your mixed–mode production process, for both internal and contract manufacturing., Reduce cost of ownership, Rapidly implement using quick set up, Reduce inventory, drive down costs, improve on-time deliveries, Increase margin/revenue.

Connect your supply chain to your customer service and field service for a complete, end-to-end service solution.Connect your front office to the back office and deliver exceptional customer service while improving profitability.

Increase reliability and uptime while reducing overall maintenance costs with a connected, smart maintenance management solution.

Manage supply from one, central location,Use a 360 degree view to monitor the process that creates supply and the relationship between different documents in the process.

"Improve partner reliability andaccountability, Reduce inventory liability exposure, Respond more quickly to supply and demand changes, Minimize trading partner administration costs, Extend visibility to trading partner activity, Digitally connect your supply chain network"

Keep your item master data clean and synchronized across applications, data pools, and partners with a best-practice product information management (PIM) process and flexible attribution, change control, and native-governance capabilities.

Drive closed-loop quality processes through design, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, and field service to ensure rapid detection and resolution of quality events.

Gain frictionless order orchestration and fulfillment by streamlining end-to-end order flow processes across multiple ERP and existing order management systems. Automate the entire process from order capture, settlement, and post-sales care.

Maximize your profitability while meeting customer expectations. Flexible sourcing and smart fulfillment capabilities enable you to schedule complex fulfillment with best supply source.

Simplify trade promotion management processes, minimize claim errors, disputes, invalid deductions, and automate settlement for better cash flow and profitability.

Group customers based on buying characteristics and price sensitivities to better position your products and services. Create pricing strategies to achieve best returns.

Streamline procurement processes, Enforce procurement policies, Create purchase orders from requisition without manual intervention, Automatically leverage negotiated pricing and terms from supplier agreements, Efficiently manage document revisions with visual notifications and full change history .

Increase adoption with consumerlike user experiences, Ensure contract compliance by directing purchases to approved suppliers, Ensure policy compliance with multilevel approval workflows, Minimize training, Reduce support costs, Reduced maintenance, Quickly identify and resolve user problems.

Leverage analytics to identify opportunities for cost savings, spend consolidation and receive greater value from suppliers. Develop programs to manage your supply base more effectively and improve business outcomes.

Improve communications with suppliers, Deliver best in class supplier collaboration, Easy supplier setup and support, Reduce errors and inquiries, Faster issue resolution.

Ensure suppliers comply with corporate policies, Improve visibility to key supplier characteristics and capabilities, Reduce risk of supplier-related issues, Improve sourcing decisions by considering relevant supplier factors.

Streamline contract creation, Gain visibility into agreements, Ensure policy compliance, Reduce risk, Shorten cycle-times.

Plan and manage material and capacity across your plants, distribution centers, suppliers, and contract manufacturer partners in discrete, process, and project-based manufacturing operations

Sense, predict, and shape demand to improve your demand forecasting accuracy and inventory strategies. Ensure that the right product is at the right place, at the right time.

Continuously adjust operating plans to meet company objectives and align execution across the enterprise with sales and operations planning (S&OP).

Transform warehouse operations to meet the challenges of today’s demand driven marketplace, successfully managing complex fulfillment operations, and gaining total inventory visibility—from the distribution center to the store shelf.

Centrally manage business processes related to cross-border trade through a global compliance solution that enables companies of all sizes to gain unparalleled visibility and control over orders and shipments, and ensure adherence to trade regulations.

Manage all transportation activity throughout your global supply chain, combining ease of use with industry leading capabilities, resulting in reduced freight costs and optimized service levels, so you can run your logistics operations efficiently.

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